Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fishermen and other liars welcome sign.

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Mothers Day Ornament.

She who must be obeyed, Mom. I think most moms will like this ornament.

A note for some of you who are having problems downloading the patterns. If you get a message that says the file is corrupt give this a try. Use the right mouse button to click the download icon and select "Save As". Save the file to your computer someplace where you can find it. The desktop is an easy place to start. Then open the pattern from your desktop instead of trying to open it from your browser. Sometimes the hook between the browser and Acrobat gets wanky and causes this message when the file is actually fine. Saving it to your computer and not trying to open it in your browser seems to take care of the problem. If you want to actually fix the problem you can uninstall Acrobat Reader and reinstall it. That will usually take care of it. I have seen this happen several times and the file has never actually been corrupt.

Silas Kopf Marquetry tutorial video.

It's not often that you can watch one of the finest artists in the world work. Silas Kopf is a master woodworker specializing in Marquetry decoration. If Marquetry is new to you or if you just love watching a master work check out this video. After the video jump over to his web page and check out his body of work. Truly amazing.