Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A New Born King Scroll Saw Pattern.

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I cut this pattern from 1/2" thick maple and walnut. It is 6.5" Tall. 

 My Free Online Pattern Catalog:

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This is for those folks who may be new to the Scrollsaw Workshop. After a pattern is posted on the blog, I upload it to my free online catalog. If you have missed any of the thousands of free patterns I have made since 2007, they are all available in the catalog.

All the patterns are in categories and searchable by keyword. I receive a lot of emails asking me to resend an old pattern. I can't do that so I ask that you visit the catalog and search for it. If you have trouble finding it through a search I am happy to help.

Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns are ready to order:

I am ready to start taking Personalized Christmas Ornament Pattern orders.

I can do first or last names but remember that more than ten letters will be more difficult to cut.

The order form will take up to 20 names for people and 5 names for pets. If you need more than 20/5 then start a second order.

You will not pay until you have the patterns and are 100% happy with them. There will be an invoice sent with the patterns to your email. You will have the option to pay securely with a credit card or send a check to the included address.

I am shooting for a three-day turnaround but that may be difficult for a few days until I get all the kinks worked out. I'll do my best. You can set a bookmark for each of the order forms but I will post them almost every day until Christmas.