Friday, November 30, 2018

Rocker Mini Clock for a retirement or new mother gift. Scroll Saw Pattern.

This little rocker mini clock is a gift for a new retiree or new mother. This clock is only about four inches tall so it's perfect for a desk or display shelf.

The rocker is cut from 1/8" Baltic birch plywood. The base is 1/2" thick. The base is required because the rocker is not balanced to hold the weight of the clock. There are tabs on each rocker to attach the rocker to the base.

This project requires a 1 7/16" mini clock insert. I think the insert I used with the pink roses would be perfect for a new mother. You can find this clock insert at this link.
Choose the clock style for the gift you need.

These 1 7/16" mini clock inserts require a 1 3/8" mounting hole. I use a 1 3/8" Forstner bit for accuracy. If you cut the hole with your scroll saw it is best to slightly undercut the hole then sand it to a snug fit.

Important Note:
This little rocker is cut from 1/8" thick wood. Wood this thin can be extremely difficult for new scrollers to cut. Actually, it's not easy for most scrollers at any level. 

The thin wood does not give any resistance to the blade and make it difficult to control the cut. The easiest way to improve this is to stack cut multiple pieces. 

For this pattern, the right and left side are identical so stacking cutting makes sense. The single pieces of the seat and chair back can also be stack cut even if you only need one chair. Just throw the extra pieces away. These pieces are so small that the waste of wood is too small to be concerned with. 

I have not demonstrated stack cutting for a while so if any of you are new let me know and I'll be happy to show the technique. We have new readers here all the time so don't be shy. Ask questions.