Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Ant Scroll Saw Pattern.

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It is estimated that there are over 10 quadrillion ants alive on earth and any given time. That makes them one of the most successful species to have ever populated the earth. There are more than 10,000 known species of ants. They use chemicals to communicate with other ants about food sources and danger. Ants have been around since the time of dinosaurs. They are just really good at maintaining their place on our planet. Ants are great examples of what can be accomplished with everyone working together.

Ants are extremely strong for their size. Many species can lift 50 times their own weight. The largest ant nest ever discovered was over 3,700 miles wide. Found in Argentina in 2,000. There were 33 colonies that had merged together into one super colony. There were billions of ants in this nest.

This pattern has two sizes. The small ant pattern is 7" long and the large ant pattern is 14" long. The construction is slot and tab so you will find that using CA glue will make it easier. There is just not an easy way to hold the pieces together while wood glue cures. If you cut the slots tight then you may be able to use wood glue.


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