Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Love me, Love my cat. Scroll Saw Pattern.

All the cat people in your life will appreciate this sign. He is about 10 inches long. 

Is the scroll saw a great tool or what?

If you have an hour free you can run to the shop and make a project on the scroll saw. If you have a weekend free you can dive into a more complex project. If you have the next six months free you can build a large Bell Tower fretwork clock.

The projects can be as simple or complex as you have the desire to tackle. The skill required can be developed in a reasonably short time. Most people have a pretty good grasp of the basic techniques in just a few sessions sitting at the saw.

The cost of entry is not terrible. It's not cheap but you can set up a modest scroll saw shop without breaking the bank. You can start with just a few tools and add more as your interest grows. A scroll saw and a hand drill will almost get you started. There are also thousands of free patterns out there so you can always find something to build.

Wood can be expensive but we have a big advantage as scrollers. Most of our projects use very little wood. There are thousands of projects you can make from scraps left over from larger woodworking jobs.

The scroll saw will be your largest expense when you are getting started. I am not one of those guys who tell you that you have to buy a top of the line scroll saw or you are wasting your money. Almost all of us started with an entry-level machine. It's true that you will have a better experience with a nice saw but you can get a lot done with an entry-level machine. I have seen incredible projects come from even the cheapest machines. I'm not recommending the cheapest machines but if that's what you have then make the best of it.

The scroll saw is relaxing and safe. Once you get the techniques down it is almost a Zen-like experience to sit and cut wood on the scroll saw. Most woodworking tools require your undivided attention to make sure you don't have an accident. If you have an accident on the scroll saw you may need a band-aid but you will still have all your fingers. This fact also makes it a great entry into woodworking for children.

If you like to make things you could do much worse than a scroll saw.

Why am I outlining what all of you already know? Because I hope you can use these ideas to convince others that they may also love the scroll saw. I recently had an email from a reader whose wife had practically never set foot in his shop. Out of the blue, she decided to give the scroll saw a try. Now he needs to buy another scroll saw. :) Who knew. The scroll saw is fun.

When the opportunity arises, take the time to let others know that the scroll saw hobby is something anyone can do. It's not difficult, expensive or unsafe. It's relaxing and fulfilling. Maybe even profitable.

- -