Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Miniature Basket Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Download the Pattern below

I included two sizes for this pattern. The small basket you see above is ~2.75 in diameter across the top ring and cut from 1/4" thick wood. The large pattern is cut from 1/2" thick wood and is ~5 1/2" in diameter across the top ring.

The small pattern is more decorative and the larger basket is large enough to hold some candy or other small items.

I also included two versions of the handle. I eliminated the circle on the handle and included that in the pattern also.

Personal Information Share:

42 years ago I completed Electronics Communications School and took a job with Xerox Corporation. At the time I was living in southern Indiana. The job location was 100 miles away in Lexington Kentucky. It was time to move and start my career with Xerox.

I went to my girlfriend's house and ask her if she wanted to get married and move with me to Kentucky. She said yes but only if she could one day come back to Indiana. I promised her that I would make that happen. Now after a 37-year career with Xerox and 5 years of retirement that time has come.

We have spent the last several days looking for a house and today we put in an offer. Buying a house is crazy right now. In this area, houses are not staying on the market long. Some are getting offers the day the listing hits. Building materials are up nearly 275% so house prices are way up. It is a great time to sell our current house and a terrible time to buy a new house. Hopefully, that evens out.

If we get the house we have the offer on it will not be completed construction until the end of August. That gives us some time to prepare. If this offer falls through then we look some more. 

Obviously, the move will be a busy time and I'm sure I will need to take a few extra days off from blogging activities. You guys are always patient with me and I appreciate that very much. 

I am carefully triaging email now and I will be even slower than normal with answers. Some may get missed completely so don't hesitate to resend the email if you need an answer.

I was trying to add up the number of times I have moved in my life the other day. I think I am approaching 50 moves. More than 40 of those moves happened before I took the job with Xerox but I am still not looking forward to the process of moving but I am excited to be going back closer to family.

By the way. I will have a much better location for my office and workshop if we get the house. That has me excited.