Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Les Fixed it!


Picture by Les Hoste 

A few days ago I posted an alphabet tray puzzle. I knew when I put it up I was not satisfied with it and I figured you guys would be able to tell me what was wrong with it. Today I received an email with the above picture form Les Hoste. He fixed the pattern by removing the pips and enlarging it 140 percent. Actually several of you recommended removing the pips.He did overlook one problem but I think I have that fixed now also. The Y and Z in the original were smaller than the other letters.

Tonight I completed the second and hopefully better version of the tray puzzle. I removed the pips and corrected the Y and Z. One thing I did not change was the size. I like to keep all my patterns printable on 8.5 X 11 paper. Sometimes I break them up over multiple sheets but that was confusing in this case. If you want it bigger which I think is a good idea you can have it enlarged on a copier onto 11 X 17 inch paper. You could also use the RapidResizer utility by Patrick Roberts available on my blog.

I think this pattern is now easy enough that children learning their ABC's could get something from it. Of course having the parent help with the puzzle is probably a good idea.

Thanks to all who helped with this pattern especially Les for sharing the picture.

 My Version
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