Thursday, August 23, 2018

Lidded Art Box Scroll Saw Pattern.

This lidded box is about 12 inches tall. Don't look for a purpose for this box. It's purely decorative. It won't take much handling. This is a set it on the shelf and leave it alone box.  :) It is inspired by the lathe produced lidded boxes. 

I also feel like this project needs two contrasting kinds of wood. I used walnut and maple. I use walnut an maple a lot. I like the contrast of walnut and maple.

One other thought. You could use an electric candle in the bottom of the box to make it a luminary. 

 The top and bottom of the box need to be parallel to each other. Because the sides of the box are cut at an angle the top and bottom need to be cut at the same angle. To do this we need to tilt the blade. 

With the blade at 90 degrees cut the left and right side of each box wall. Don't make the top or bottom cuts yet.
 In the pattern, I include an angle gauge. Use the gauge to set the angle of the blade. 
Now you are ready to make the top and bottom cuts. 
With the blade tilted to the left notice the orientation of the board as I make the top and bottom cuts.