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Simple House Numbers with Frame Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Scroll saw projects tend to get a bit over the top sometimes. This pattern is just about as basic as one can get. House numbers with frames. Just mount them to a backer board and you are ready to hang the sign.

This pattern book has two sizes of simple house number signs. The small frames are 5" tall and the large frames are 7" tall. Each number is sized to fit in the frames.

Remember to use waterproof glue like Titebond III and good exterior paint. It is also a good idea to mask off some small spaces of the frame with tape so you will have a wood-to-wood glue joint. If you lay the numbers on the frame and lightly trace around them with a pencil you can easily apply the tape to the right locations.

If you have some small brad nails they will also improve the bond.


Is the table saw the most important tool in a woodworking shop?

Buy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon

You have probably heard the saying "Buy the best tools you can afford.". There is obviously some wisdom to that saying but there is also wisdom in "Don't buy more than you need.".

The table saw is often the most used tool in the shop. If you build furniture the table saws will do a large majority of the work. If you are primarily a scroll sawyer then the table saw takes second place. 

You can potentially enjoy the scroll saw hobby and never need a table saw but they sure come in handy for sizing material. 

So if the table saw is not going to be used for high precision or heavy-duty work then you probably don't need to spend $3,400 for the SawStop table saw. That does not mean I don't want one. I would love to have one. The $400 DeWalt DWE7485 job site saw will get the job done.

You can even buy a very low-end table saw for $150 but that is probably pushing your luck. The DeWalt shown above is a solid performer for the price. It gets very good reviews on Amazon. I have used this saw before and was impressed with the quality. 

You can even use your new table saw to build a nice stand and outfeed table like pictured below. This gives you mobility for easy storage out of the way when you need to get the car in your garage.


My shop has an older Craftsman contractor table saw. I paid under $1,000 several years ago. I have many times been at a trade show and tempted to upgrade. I always talk myself out of the purchase. My saw has always done what I need it to do. The demands I put on the saw are just not that high as a primarily scroll sawyer.

If I upgraded it would be more about ego than need. My ego may eventually win out but for now, I am happy with what I have.
My old Craftsman table saw with a few upgrades. 

You will notice that my outfeed table gets used for holding stuff more than for outfeed. :) The primary upgrade was dust collection. I built a port under the saw so I can attach the dust collector. Efficient dust collection would be the primary reason I would upgrade to a cabinet saw. Mine is not very efficient when it comes to collecting sawdust. 

So to finish up, you may not need a table saw but they make life easier even for a scroll sawyer. If you have money to spend then buy the best you can afford. If money is a bit tight then you will likely do just fine with the DeWalt job site saw.

This is way out in the left-field but I had fun.

Download the Greed Installer (Windows Only)

A few days ago I published a pattern for cutting large dice. In that post, I mention a couple of games you could potentially play with the dice. One was an old game that I knew as Greed. 

For whatever reason, I started writing a program to play a version of Greed that I kind of made up the rules as I went. Basically, if you roll a one you bust that round and lose your points. If you press the pass button before you roll a one then those points get added to the total. Don't get greedy of the mean one will show up and bust you.

The game plays for ten rounds and the goal is to score as many points as possible. You see my record in the photo above.

The complete instructions are in the menu at the top of the game window. There are other rules like you can't bust on the first roll of a round. You have to start with a valid score, etc.

Don't expect a huge challenge. It is a brain time waster. There are probably bugs so don't be surprised
if it cheats or messes up. 

I ran the installer through the Virun Total site to check it against about 50 virus-detection programs. It comes back clean. Here is the VirusTotal link for the scan

This program is freeware. Install it, play a few games then you can laugh at me for killing the better part of two days writing the code in Pascal.

By the way. No tech support. If it doesn't work just delete it. I have installed it on a few computers and it has worked. It is not highly optimized so it may be slow on some computers.

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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