Friday, July 14, 2017

Apple Pencil Charger.
Sometimes you need a tool and it's better to make your own. I recently purchased an iPad Pro 10.5 tablet and the Apple pencil. In one of Apple's dumber moves they tell you to stick the pencil into the charging port of the tablet to charge the pencil.  That looks like a recipe to break a $100 pencil to me.

I decided to post this project for those few people who have an Apple pencil and for those of you who sell items on and other places. If you enjoy art, the Apple pencil with the iPad pro are a wonderful experience. Of course it's also very expensive. I can justify the purchase because I use it in my business and can write it off on my taxes. I draw and design every day so it was worth the price to me. Who am I kidding. I just love gadgets. :)

You can buy charging cables separately to charge the pencil, which I did but I also wanted a desk charging port/holder. You can also buy these on Amazon but they are pretty expensive like all Apple accessories.  I'll just build one out of wood thanks.
This is how Apple recommends that you charge the pencil. Plug it into the bottom of the iPad. ??
This cable will be dedicated to this charger so if you need a separate stand alone cable you will need to order two.
When you take the cap off the pencil it exposes the lightning plug used for charging. 
The final picture shows the four parts that when glued together hold the cable. There are complete assembly instructions in the pattern book.

Pippa Dyrlaga. Masterpieces in Paper: