Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's Bake Oven Rack Pull

Here is a little stocking stuffer gift you can make for the baker in your family. It is an oven rack pull. The bottom hook grabs the rack and pulls it out. The front notch pushes it back in. Much safer and better than an oven mitt.

This is one of those projects that let's you use up scrap wood. You can cut them from any thickness of wood that will fit your oven rack. Make sure you sand all the edges of the handle so it feels good to the hand.

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Compound Cut Vase With Hand Carved wooden Flowers.

This pattern book includes the pattern for the compound cut vase only. The video below demonstrates how to carve the flowers. If you decide to make this project please understand that using a carving knife can cause injury. Please follow good carving techniques and wear a carving glove for protection.

My wife and I spent that last three days in Gaitlinburg, TN. We go every year. We both enjoy the mountains and the local craftsmen are outstanding. I always come back with new ideas for projects. Just about every shop that sold wood crafts had these little hand carved flower vases. One the the carvers showed me how to make one so here is my attempt. My flowers are not as good as his were. I need to experiment with different species of wood to see if I can get the flowers to open as nicely as his. If any of you have made these flowers before I would appreciate any tips you may have.