Monday, March 8, 2021

Catholic Confirmation Symbol Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This symbol of the Catholic Confirmation pattern is over 10" tall. It is three layers thick with each layer 1/4" thick. 


There are always a good number of new scrollers after the holidays. If you are one of the people who received or purchased a new scroll saw this year then welcome to the hobby. 

Almost all creative tools have a learning curve. The learning curve on the scroll saw can be frustrating at first but proficiency comes relatively quickly compared to some other crafts. Normally after just a few projects, your comfort level will start to develop.

It is common for new scrollers to jump in and start cutting as soon as they get their saw. This is fine but just understand that there are techniques that are helpful to overcome struggles you might have. Don't let those early struggles prevent you from taking the next step.

After you use the scroll saw for a while it is a good idea to seek out recommended techniques that have been successful for other scrollers. Not every tip you read or see will work for you but after a while, you will find a routine that you feel comfortable with. Just don't give up too early.

There are many books available that show techniques. If you have a local woodworking club, check to see if they have a scroll saw special interest group. YouTube can be helpful. Of course, I would like to have you check out my YouTube channel. There are a few hundred videos covering many scroll saw hobby-related subjects.

Last I want to say don't be too critical of the project you cut. You are making handmade art. Perfect is not an option. You will see all the places where you did not do exactly what you tried to do. 90% of those unwanted features will not be noticed by others. 

You probably started this hobby to give yourself something fun and relaxing to do in your spare time. As you work through the learning curve don't forget the fun and relaxation.

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping