Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Zero Clearance Table plus larger surface.

A zero clearance table reduces the size of the blade hole in the table. We want that if we are cutting small pieces so the piece does not fall through the hole in the table. The large hole can also be a nuisance when small scrap pieces get stuck in it while you are cutting. I'm going to build one in this video. While we are at it we might as well make the table larger.

This technique will work on any scroll saw. I am making this one for my Jet scroll saw. The Jet has a very large blade hole so it is a great candidate for a zero clearance table. 

This project cost under $25 and will only take a couple hours to build.

I got kind of lazy in this video and used my iPhone for the video camera. It does not do a great job especially when the scroll saw is running. The video is still okay but I'll use my regular camera again next time. 

If you are reading this in the email newsletter you may not see the video. Click this link and watch it in your browser.
Information: Jet Clamp Jig orders shipped.

I shipped all the orders for the Jet clamp jig 3/6/2017. They were shipped first class parcel. The receipt says the expected delivery day is 3/9/2017. From experience I expect the delivery to be a range from the expected date to as long as nine days.

I have tracking numbers for all the orders. There are too many for me to send all the tracking numbers to everyone. If your package does not arrive in a reasonable time email me and I'll send the tracking info. Make sure you tell me the city and state. That's how I will look up the tracking number.

I have a couple orders that came in today after the post office run. Those will go out in a couple of days. Thanks for the orders.

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