Sunday, March 19, 2017

DIY Box Corner Decorations.
I was working on a pattern for a fretwork box. I had designed a corner decoration similar to the brass box corner protectors you can buy. I though some of you may have a use for these on boxes you build. I designed four different styles for this pattern book. 
Notice how I sanded the walls thinner after I glued the pieces together. The thinner you can get the final corner decoration the better it looks. It's easier to glue together when the walls are thicker then sand it thinner. I will probably go even thinner on the final version.

This test piece was cut for Baltic Birch Plywood. You would want to use a nice hardwood that either contrasts or matches the wood you use for the box. . 

I used 1/8" thick for the top and the walls are 1/4" thick. The walls can be any thickness that fits your box. Also you can enlarge the patterns to fit larger projects. 


Free Money!
It's time to start another $75 Bear Woods gift certificate giveaway. This is going to be a short contest this month. I want to draw the winner before I have to leave for Atlanta. This contest will end March 28th, 2017. You can enter one time this month. You will have to answer a simple question before you enter. 

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