Sunday, March 27, 2022

Easter Door Ornament Scroll Saw Pattern

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This Easter door ornament pattern come in two sizes.  This pattern seems to call for paint so I simulated green and pink for the image.

Questions about scroll saw blade selection:

Let me take just a minute to talk about which scroll saw blades I use. There are so many choices of blades that it gets very confusing for new scrollers. I get emails about this subject every week. 

Let me start out by talking about what I use. I would guess that 98% of everything I cut is cut with either a #3 or #5 scroll reverse blade. I have every style of blade sold but most are only there for specialty jobs. 

Most of my patterns call for 1/4" to 3/4" wood. I almost never select a blade based on the thickness of the wood. If I am cutting 1" wood but the pattern needs a small #3 blade then that is what I use. I may not be able to cut as fast with that smaller blade but that is not my concern. My concern is getting a quality cut with sharp corners and accuracy. 

If you are new then a small selection of blades is all you need to get started. A #3, #5, and a few #7's will get you well on your way. Honestly, it is possible that those are the only blades you will ever need. 

If you start cutting portrait-style patterns then you can pick up some spiral blades. If you cut very thick and dense wood, plastic, metal, or other specialty material then you can research the best blades for those projects. 

I have a whole selection of metal cutting scroll saw blades but I may only cut