Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Occasion Clock Pattern.

The next time you need a gift for a friends retirement or any special occasion this clock might do the trick. The clock uses a 2 3/4" clock insert with a 2 3/8" mounting hole. If you like making these small clock I highly recommend you purchase a 2 3/8" forstner bit. It's much easier and faster to get a good snug fit for the clock. 

You can dress the gift up with a customized brass plate for the occasion.

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Sue Mey has an wonderful updated web site.

 The following is a message from one of the finest pattern designers in the world today. She just launched an updated web site. Check it out and celebrate her launch special offer.

Some months ago it became clear that my website that was started in 2007 needed to be upgraded – and so the work began. It has been an exhausting exercise but today I am very pleased to announce the launch of my all new and improved website! Come and visit, take a look around, give me feedback if you care to. I know it is very different to the old site and will initially be a bit strange, but hopefully in time you will appreciate the benefits, advantages, and improvements included here. The Scroll Saw Pattern menu has been revised and here are a few examples of the changes: Wild Cats is now a sub-category of Cats and Dogs, all the Themed Picture crosses are in their own section under the Religious & Inspirational category. Check out the Handy items category for items like Bookends, Frames and Jewelry, and the Special occasions category to see patterns for Wedding, Mother’s day etc. You will find Christmas patterns in the Holidays category. Christmas is further sub-divided to make it easy to find Trees, or Wreaths, or Ornaments etc. Certain sections still have many pages so if you should be unable to find a specific pattern or topic, the Search facility is much better than the old one (although I am still working on refining the search capabilities.)
On each page you have the option to decide how the items should be sorted (i.e. alphabetical or by newest items). Because all product were uploaded in bulk, it may take some time for this setting to work effectively. You can view the items 12 or 24 per page, or more if preferred. To make a purchase you will need to Register an account only once, after which future purchases will be speedy after simply logging in. There is a Wish list option where you can add patterns you like, for review at another time.
To celebrate the launch I would like to extend a Special Offer of 20% discount on all items purchased directly from the website. To qualify for the discount, Do Not use the 'Buy links' in my previous emails, as they open in the old BMT Micro shopping cart. My new billing company is the US based and globally used 2CheckOut. The only category excluded from the offer is 'Special Offers', a