Friday, December 2, 2016

Prayer Cross Scroll Saw Pattern.
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This Prayer Cross pattern is over 14 inches tall. It will be printed on two sheets of paper that you can tape together. The width is over 10 inches so you may need to glue up a panel for this one. The text may be tough to cut in 3/4" thick wood so you may consider using 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood.

Cutting small text can be challenging. You will need to be able to stop the blade from cutting when making tight turns in small spaces. The is a technique that comes naturally after you have scrolled for a while. Basically you use the back edge of the blade to pivot. You will slightly put pressure on the back edge of the blade while making the turn. This stops the teeth from moving ahead of where you want to go. 

December 1 was my birthday. I turned 59. My daughter had me over for a wonderful meatloaf dinner.  I like meatloaf. Meatloaf good. My wife has been buying me wooden watches for several years. I have a pretty nice collection but I did not have a pocket watch. I do now. Thanks family for a nice birthday.

Get your Personalized Christmas ornament patterns now. My mouse clicking finger is going fast. Get your order before it stops working. I probably have a few hundred clicks left then I'll have to go left handed. Left handed ornaments cost more so order before the price increase.

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