Friday, January 11, 2019

Mother and Child Deep Relief Segmentation Scroll Saw Pattern.

Mother and Child Segmentation art. The sculpture stands 9.25" tall and is 5.5" wide. It features a slightly deeper relief than typical segmentation projects to give it more depth.

This would make a nice gift for a new mother.

By the way. just look at how beautiful the cherry wood is. I love cherry and for a sculptural piece like this it is perfect.

This segmentation project was cut from one-inch thick cherry. After cutting all the pieces I thickness sanded the background pieces thinner to give the mother and child more definition. Only the center pieces are contoured. 

What is segmentation? We get new people here on the blog all the time and many of them may not know the definition of segmentation as it applies to the scroll saw. There is also often confusion between segmentation and intarsia.

To make a segmentation project, we use a pattern that has interconnecting lines that form shapes. Similar to a stained glass pattern. The pattern is applied to a single board and the pieces are cut out. Then the pieces are contoured by sanding and reassembled on a backer board. Ocasionally the pieces will be painted to add color. This painting is usually done with a thin wash of paint so the grain still show through.

Intarsia is similar except the individual pieces are cut from different species of wood. The different species are selected for their color and grain. When all the pieces are glued back together you have a multi-colored work of art. 

The pattern book contains complete pictorial instructions.  

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