Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Think Outside the Box Free Scroll Saw Pattern. Learn how to cut with accuracy on the scroll saw. I challenge a laser!

If you have ever worked for a large corporation you will probably recognize what I am trying to say with this pattern. 

I bet you have heard that......
"You have been empowered to make decisions." Gee thanks.
"We want you to brainstorm as a group and come up with a plan that you all agree on." Yea right!
" Sit down and come up with an action plan." That has zero cost associated with it.
"We have an open door policy." Is that the same door that hits you in the butt.
"We are a customer-centric organization." Who tracks profits to the nearest .0001 cents.
"This project is mission critical but we don't have any money to fund it. Get it done." Yesterday.
"You have been downsized but we will give you two hours of job training so you can move up in your next career." Thanks, I can't wait. I'm sure it's swell training.

I'm only this cynical on days that end in Y. 
Have I ever told you how happy I am to be retired? It's been over two years and the hair still stands up on my neck when I hear these words. 

Man Vs Laser. The Showdown!