Monday, December 19, 2022

Small Three Layer Nativity Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This nativity is small. Just the right size for a desk. It is 4.25" tall. There are three layers. Each layer is 1/4" thick. This would also make a nice stocking stuffer.

Deep dive into nerdville:

I am going to go way off-topic here but I think it is cool. My son-in-law and I are both heavy into technology. He is a professional programmer/online marketing/web designer guru. I am a tech nerd with none of his skills but we can still talk shop. He gets over my head pretty often but I pretend like I know what he is talking about so it works.

We all went to dinner the other night and Shane asked me if I had seen the new openAI ChatGPT client that everyone is talking about. I had already used it some but he had already developed use cases for it
I'm quoting "ChatGPT is an open-source natural language processing (NLP) project developed by Microsoft Research. It is a conversational AI system that can generate natural-sounding responses to user queries in a conversational chatbot interface. The system is built on a deep learning-based language model, trained on a large corpus of conversations, and is capable of understanding and responding to user questions in a human-like way."

So who cares? Well, a lot of people are just finding out the power of this thing. Universities are trying to find a way to stop students from using it to write term papers. It writes professional-level ad copy and much much more.

I have been deep diving into openAI and allowing it to write programming code for me. Yes, it can write programs from a simple English request. Example: "Write a web page using HTML, CSS, and javascript to randomly draw a circle on the screen. Move and bounce the circle on the screen." Simple concept but it wrote original code that worked the first time. It can write programs in just about any programming language. I had it write a clipboard manager in object pascal that works great. In that case, I had it generate the subroutines and I did the user interface. Here is the web page it created. So I tell you all this stuff because of the poem below. AI wrote this poem from scratch. It did not copy it from an online source. I ran it against Grammarly Plagiarism Checker and it does not detect plagiarism. It understands the topic and symbolism of Nativity. There are some slight grammar errors but it is pretty nice in my opinion. The world is changing.

Shepherds watched, angels sung
As a star shone brightly in the sky
A baby boy was born, in a manger on this night
Sent from Heaven, the world's savior, and light

Mary and Joseph, a mother and father so kind
A humble pair welcomed a baby divine
The shepherds, the magi, all knelt in awe