Friday, October 9, 2020

Jack-O-Lantern Treat Box Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download the Pattern Below

It looks like trick or treating will be limited for this Halloween. I thought that I could design a Halloween gift box that you could fill with fruit and candy for the kids in the family. Grandma and grandpa can make one for all the grandchildren and sent it to their house. 

The box is large enough for a couple of apples, banana, and some candy. 

If you leave off the decorations you could use the box as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving. 

The box is made from 1/4" thick Baltic birch plywood. A less expensive material like 1/4" MDF could be used and painted.

Thank You

To all of you who wrote the very kind well wishes for me as I go through my health issues, I want you to know I will read all of the emails. It will take a few days but I will read them. I won't be able to respond but know that I am touched and uplifted by your thought and prayers.