Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Star Tea Light Candle Holder Scroll Saw Pattern.

The newsletter for 12/14/2020 did not get sent out. There was a worldwide Google outage about the time my feed processed. I don't know if the automated system will try again to send the missing newsletter. If you receive two newsletters today then the system was just catching up.

If you do not receive the newsletter from the 14th then you can visit the blog at this link to find the pattern you missed. Sorry for the trouble. 

This was a huge outage for Google. More than a dozen of their products went offline for almost an hour. Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, and more went dead with a cute little monkey on the error screen saying "something went wrong". I would say that something went wrong. When millions of people are unable to login into their business, that's scary. Luckily it only lasted a short time.

Blog Post 12/14/2020

Now on to today's content.
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Download the Pattern Below

Here is a pattern that you can cut in fifteen minutes from just about any scraps of wood you have on hand. You can use rustic barn wood or beautiful exotic hardwood. 

Sometimes simple is needed. If you need a table decoration for a wedding then you may have 25 tables or more. You could knock these decorations out in a day of work.

Add an optional base if you want to elevate the candle holder.