Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scrollsaw Workshop Pattern Catalog DVD

The Scrollsaw Workshop Pattern Catalog DVD is ready for purchase. This DVD is a collection of all my patterns posted between May 12th 2007 to December 2nd 2012. That is a total of 1113 pattern books many with multiple patterns per book. The cost of the DVD is $20 plus shipping.

 Let me explain again what this DVD is. This is an archive of all my patterns. All the patterns on this DVD are already available in my free online catalog. There is no new content on the DVD. This DVD has been requested by many of my readers so they could have an easy way of collecting all the patterns. The DVD can be used by clubs to keep in their library. It can be given to scrollers who do not have an internet connection. It is an archive in the unlikely case that my blog is no more. You can take it to craft shows to show perspective buyers patterns they can request.

The DVD is available to be shipped to many countries around the world. Just click the order link and select your destination to see shipping charges. They are very reasonable to most places in the world.

The following videos will show how to use the DVD. The first video show it being used on a Windows PC. The second video show how to use it on a MAC. If you can its a good idea to view the video before you purchase the DVD. It will give you a good Idea of how to use the DVD.

I use Kunaki disk duplicating service to manufacture the DVDs. They almost always ship within 24 hours of the order being made. They do not ship on weekends.

The DVDs are not returnable. Defective DVDs will be replaced. NO refunds are available for the DVD. 

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