Sunday, June 16, 2019

50 State Pride Signs Scroll Saw Pattern.

State Pride patterns for the 50 states. Born Raised and Proud. These can be hung from chains or add hangers to the back. 

Happy Father's Day. I received my father's day gift a day early. My daughter enrolled us in a basic pottery class. I have always wanted to try my hand at throwing pottery on a wheel. She knows I love anything in crafts so it was a cool gift. I had a good time. It was challenging but I felt like I could get the hang of it with a little practice. We both finished a couple of bowls.  They were far from perfect but we are having them fired anyway.

 Not great by any stretch but I learned the basics.

Sometimes it's fun to hang out with friends: Let's Talk Shop with Russ.

One thing that is often missing from our hobby is having friends to share it with. Most of us work alone in our shops. Maybe our spouse or kids will check in to see what we are making but other than that we work alone.

If you are really lucky you may have a local woodworking club. That's great and you should seek those out if they are available. Let me give you another alternative.

Every Wednesday and Saturday night Russ Claridy of Simply Wooden Creations hosts a video get together for like-minded makers. Saturday nights show is general topics with a panel of guests. Wednesday is all scroll saw related and normally without a panel.

There is a chat section where you can type in questions if you want. You can also just stay silent and watch the show.

It's often educationals and sometimes silly but always fun. These are all folks just like you and me. They want to get together and talk about making things with wood. 

I am occasionally on the panel with the other guests when I have time. When I miss the l