Sunday, June 30, 2019

Jesus Knows me this I Love! Scroll Saw Pattern.

I had a request for this pattern today and thought a few of you may enjoy it also. I'll have to show my lack of knowledge here. I thought it was a typo. I knew the Hymn "Jesus loves me this I know" but these reversed words were something I had not heard. 

After looking for the quote online I saw that it is an often used quote. The person who requested the pattern said it had special meaning to a friend. I hope it is a pattern that some of you will enjoy also.

Religious patterns: 

This is a subject that comes up pretty often. I get an email asking me if I can be more inclusive with patterns for other religions. My religious education is not strong. I am always fearful that I will do something offensive or dumb out of ignorance. I have a great friend( Jim )who has much more knowledge of religious doctrine than me. I will occasionally run things by him out of caution. I will also just try a Google search for information. Many times I just don't do the pattern because I don't enjoy looking dumb. (That already happens too often.)

I just want everyone to know that my lack of diversity is a reflection of my education and not a disrespect for others views and beliefs. I guarantee you that if I did a Buddhism themed pattern I would mess it up. 

I also often get questions about my opinions, views, and beliefs on religious and political subjects. I rarely reply to those emails. Not because I don't have opinions or even mind sharing them. Those subjects are just not easily discussed in an email or on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social media sites are absolutely terrible places to have a serious and potentially hurtful discussion. For those discussions, I want to look you in the eye.

I try to keep the Blog as friendly as possible to anyone who wants to be with me. I hope I can do that most of the time. Thanks for understanding.

Poll Answers:

Yesterday I asked a question about the direction you cut a scroll saw pattern. I also posted a poll. The results are below. Pretty even between clockwise, counter-clockwise, and both directions.

My main interest was to determine if there was a solid reason to cut one direction or the other. I predominantly cut counter-clockwise but I don't have a reason that I would feel comfortable telling someone new. I think it is mostly a habit. The one thought I had was that maybe the natural drift of the blade makes it easier to cut counter-clockwise. That was more of a guess than anything.

I asked for your thoughts and spent a couple hours today looking at the emails. I read them all. The most common answer was that the drift of the blade made it easier to cut counter-clockwise. Several people thought it was related to if you are left or right handed. 

I had two people tell me that Patrick Spielman wrote in one of his books that he suggested cutting interior cuts counter-clockwise and exterior cuts clockwise. I have several of his books but could not find that tip so I don't know what his reasoning was. 

To make a long story short I am still not certain there is a rule that should be followed. I have reached out to a couple of advanced scrollers I know to hear their thoughts. I'll update this if they have a better answer.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

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