Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Proud Veteran Sign Scroll Saw Pattern.

Sunday, November the 11th is Veterans Day here in the United States of America. Please take the time. No, make the time to tell a veteran thank you. The men and women veterans in our country are the reason we are, and always will be a free people. That is a gift that you receive every day of your life. It is a gift given through the sacrifice of these men and women who served our country. They deserve our gratitude on their special day. Thank you veterans. 

 These signs should be pretty easy to cut. They are just over ten inches long. Remember that if you intend to hang these outside that they will need an exterior fining and glue. 

Titebond III exterior glue should do the trick to hold the surround in place. You will want to use a Spar Exterior Urethane finish for the best protection. Even these exterior finishes will fail after 2 or 3 years. You may need to replace the sign or refinish occasionally. 

If the sign is hung under cover it will last much longer. Indirect sunlight and cover from the rain helps keep the finish lasting longer.

Scrollnado Dust Collection System for the DeWalt DW788, Delta 40-690, Delta 40-694, and the Delta 40-695 Scroll Saws.

I have written about the Scrollnado before but I am still receiving emails about the product. I thought I would talk about it again for my newer readers.

Let me say upfront that I do not use dust collection on my scroll saws except rarely. The problem I have is noise. I do not have a strong tolerance to the prolonged noise from the vacuum. I use dust collection on all my other shop tools but they only run for minutes at a time. I will sit at the scroll saw for hours. It's just too much for me personally.

I do understand that many scrollers are in environments where dust collection is essential. If you scroll in a spare room in the house you have to control the dust. A system like the Scrollnado will be a great help is those environments. You can watch my video Install/Review below but in general, it does a good job. No dust collection system can eliminate all the dust from a scroll saw but the Scrollnado does better than most options I have tried.

The Scrollnado has had limited supply lately on Amazon. I believe that Amazon is the only place to purchase the system online. The last time I spoke with the owner of the Scrollnado he talked about a version for the Excalibur class of scroll saws being available. If you are interested in buying one for those machines let me know and I'll contact Chris for more information.

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