Friday, February 15, 2019

Asian Inspired Bamboo Clock Scroll Saw Pattern.

In yesterday's post, I showed a video of how I mill rough lumber into scroll saw ready boards. I milled down some beautiful Peruvian Walnut. I thought that today we should use some of that wood just to show the complete cycle.

When finished, Peruvian Walnut has a deep chocolate color. You do have to watch for the grain to lift after the first coat of finish. You may need to knock the grain back down with some 000 steel wool before the second application of finish. 

This clock requires a 2 3/4" Clock Insert. I get mine at Bear Woods.

Notice that the faceplate has a larger hole for the clock. I wanted the clock insert to be slightly recessed. I think it gives it a cleaner look than just sitting on the surface. You do have to be careful to get the holes centered to each other.