Monday, November 8, 2021

Concentric Shape Basket Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Two different stacking patterns.
The second pattern above is a twit of about 15 degrees for each ring. 

The first stacking method in the demonstration image above is easier. The second method take some patience to get lined up and glued. 

I like to cut a separate round bottom for these baskets and discard the interior cut of the basket. You can use the circle or keep the interior and twist it for the bottom.

If you have not seen this type of pattern before then look at the pattern. It is cut from a single board as concentric rings then twisted to make the basket.

First impressions of the Portable Spray Booth. 

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I have mentioned that my shop is now in the unfinished side of my basement. I am working to eliminate as much dust and fumes as possible. The other day I used some spray paint in the shop and the odor was strong throughout the house. Obviously, that is not going to