Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Personalized Teddy Bear Wall Hanging Scroll Saw Pattern.


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It is always fun to make things for children. Personalizing the project makes it even more special. 

This is a simple pattern but you can personalize it. The letter templates are included. I used a longer name in the simulated images so you can see the number of letters that will fit.

The Teddy Bear is ten inches tall. All the parts are 1/4" thick but you can change that up if you like.

I would use 1/4" Baltic birch plywood and optionally, paint the final piece. 

Matt Haas from AwesomeWoodThings.com Disassembles the DeWalt DW788. A must-watch for DeWalt Saw users.

The DeWalt DW788 scroll saw is one of the most popular scroll saws ever sold. There are thousands of them out there cutting projects every day. I know people who use the DeWalt for production cutting. There is not much to dislike about the DW788 except that there are some mechanical weak areas.

One area of concern is the bearings. They are not lubricated well and tend to fail after heavy use. I receive emails several times a year asking for help with this and other DW788 problems. I don't consider the saw unreliable but some of these problems are expensive to get repaired. If you are handy with tools then this video will help you save a lot of money repairing the saw yourself. 

This video is a few years old and I have featured it before but it is time to show it again. Matt does an excellent job of showing the details without making the video too long. He shows the details in under ten minutes.

In this video, Matt shows the procedure being completed before the bearings are worn out. He does this as a preventative measure. If the bearings in your saw are shot then the video will show how to get to them but you will need to source the bearings.

Here is a link to Matt's Instructable's page that has details and sources for parts(including bearings) and supplies.