Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scroll Saw Pattern Printer Programs. Free download for veterans from Sheila Landry.

Check out this beautiful pattern from Sheila Landry Designs. If you have a vet in your life or if you served then this is a pattern you need. The pattern is generic so it will work for vets of many countries. The great news is that for a limited time Sheila is giving this to veterans for free. If you want this pattern click this link to see the detail on Sheilas web page. VETERAN. Follow her instructions to get the pattern. While you are there check out all of patterns they have available.

Thanks Sheila for thinking about the men and women who have served their country.

Online Pattern Designer Program:

For many years I have had programs available on my blog that allow users to create basic scroll saw patterns. They will create key-fobs and desk name plates. Unfortunately they are all PC Windows only. Several months ago with the help of another programmer we designed an online version that will work with all operating systems including the Mac.

The online version is not as feature rich but it will let you make a couple different types of personalized scroll saw patterns. I have talked about this app before but it has been changed so I wanted to show it again for those who might have missed it. Check out the video for the details.

Yesterday I mentioned that we were expecting some snow. We ended up with over a foot of the white stuff. That is a huge snow for us here in Kentucky. I spent over an hour digging out this morning and still need to move some more snow. Our road crews did a great job on the main roads so driving was not that bad if you could get out of your neighborhood. I got stuck on my road twice but managed to rock the truck and get going. I'm officially ready for spring.

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