Monday, November 30, 2009

I call it a wobble bowl.

I had several readers write and ask about the bowl in yesterdays picture post. There was enough interest that I sat down and designed my version of the bowl. There are two bowls in the pattern book. One is 5 1/2" and the other is 7".

I used 1/4" thick wood for the 5 1/2" bowl in the picture above. If you make the 7" bowl I suggest you use 3/8" thick wood. That would make the larger bowl stand a little over 2 1/2" tall. These are just suggestions. Experiment and see what pleases your eye.

One way to add a little contrast is to make two bowls from a light colored wood and a dark wood. Then mix and match the pieces when you put them together. You might as well stack cut the two bowls and get two for the price of one.

Here is my monthly plea to be patient if you are expecting a reply to an email. As usual I am way behind.

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