Friday, June 10, 2016

Doggie Scroll Saw Pattern.

This project is cut from MDF. I used 1/4" MDF for the ears and nose. The rest is 3/4" MDF. 

We don't typically use MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) for scroll saw projects. For some craft projects like this doggies it works well. I knew I would be painting the project. MDF paints okay except the edges need a little help. The paint really soaks into the porous edges.

Sometimes I will pre-treat the edges with a 50/50 mixture of yellow glue and water. I just paint it on the edges and let it dry.

Another great feature of MDF is that it's cheap. At Home Depot you can get a 2' X 4' X .75 sheet for around $13. On the down side the dust from MDF gets everywhere and you should avoid breathing it. Make sure you wear your dust mask when working with MDF.

 I want to wish my wife Patty a happy anniversary today. We have been together since I was a sophomore in high school and she was a junior. We married soon after I graduated from two years of technical college.

We have already exchanged gifts. I got her two tickets to the Dolly Parton concert and she got me two tickets to the Wizzard's VS Kings NBA pre-season basket ball game. I think we will both enjoy those events. Actually I will probably enjoy Dolly more than she will like the NBA game. :)

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