Friday, July 22, 2022

Honey Bee Scroll Saw Pattern

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Honey bee Facts (most from the Texas A&M University Honey Bee Information Site )

Did you know that...

Bees have 5 eyes
Bees are insects, so they have 6 legs
Male bees in the hive are called drones
Bees fly about 20 mph
Female bees in the hive (except the queen) are called worker bees
Number of eggs laid by queen: 2,000 per day is the high
Losing its stinger will cause a bee to die
Bees have been here about 30 million years!
Bees carry pollen on their hind legs in a pollen basket or corbicula
An average beehive can hold around 50,000 bees
Foragers must collect nectar from about 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey
The average forager makes about 1/12 th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime
Average per capita honey consumption in the US is 1.3 pounds
Bees have 2 pairs of wings
The principal form of communication among honey bees is through chemicals called pheromones
Bees are important because they pollinate approximately 130 agricultural crops in the US including fruit, fiber, nut, and vegetable crops. Bee pollination adds approximately 14 billion dollars annually to improved crop yield and quality.
Is honeybee one word or two?
Many people notice that dictionaries list "honeybee" as one word. However, entomologists use the two-word naming convention "honey bee." Both are correct!

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