Thursday, June 16, 2022

Lover Puzzle Scroll Saw Pattern.

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A trinket for your sweetheart.

This is a small tray love puzzle. It is only 3.5" wide. After I cut and finished this project I realized that it would look better if I had rounded over the top edges of the pieces. They would stand out better once in place. 

You want to use a very small drill bit to drill the one entry hole needed. If you look closely you can see the entry hole in the photo above. It is just at the V in the top of the heart. The pattern shows it as a red dot. If you have a set of mocro drill bits that is the best option. 

This is a project that can use up even your smallest scraps of wood. If you stack cut this from two species of wood you can mix and match the pieces to have a multi-color puzzle.

Another fun project video by Artisan Pirate

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