Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Rose and Butterfly Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This Rose and Butterfly wall hanging is 9.75" tall and 8" wide. It is cut from 1/4" thick wood. You can stain or paint the backer boards or just leave it natural. 

Parts of this project will be fragile until it is glued to the backer board. This is especially true if you use hardwood. Baltic birch plywood will be much stronger. 

The Way Wood Works Video by Nick Engler:

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Wood is a material we all use every day. We are almost always surrounded by products made from wood. As woodworkers, it can be beneficial to understand the characteristics of the wood we plan to use. That is where this video comes in handy.

Nick Engler has put together a video that I think is excellent. He goes into just enough detail to make the subject easy to understand but not so long as to get overwhelming. 

If you wish to get overwhelmed, then Nick links to a free book titled "Wood Handbook: Wood as an engineering material.". The book is over 500 pages and filled with knowledge that is over my head but still interesting. It is a free download as a pdf file. You do have to provide your email address. They prov