Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Football Clock Game Time Scroll Saw Pattern.

College and professional football are underway and it's "Game Time". This is a simple clock for the game room or man cave.

Living in Lexington Ky, the home of the Kentucky Wildcats, we don't often get a reason to be over the top thrilled with our football program. They have been respectable in the last couple of years and the program seems to be moving in the right direction but we always know we will struggle to compete in the SEC. The SEC is so strong that if you don't have top 25 talent you are in trouble. 

That's still true but we finally got over a hurdle that has terrorized Kentucky football fans for 31 years. Last weekend we beat Florida for the first time in 31 games. That was the longest losing streak against a top conference team in the country. Most of the games over those years were not even close. Florida simply dominated Kentucky. Occasionally Kentucky would have a shot in the game only to have it taken away at the last seconds. It was brutal. 

As a fan, it's nice to have a big win over a program that is one of the best in the country. Florida may not have a team that they are used to having but they are still elite and a big feather in the cap of anyone who gets a win over them. It was a good weekend in Lexington.

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This pattern requires a clock movement. In this pattern, I use 1/2" thick wood so the clock movement needs to match. If you need a source for clock movements check out www.bearwood.com  They also carry a good selection of hands for the clock movements. I used 1-7/8" hands on this clock. You can select the style you like.

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