Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Eagle Welcome Sign Scroll Saw Pattern.

Just a simple rustic welcome sign. The sign is about twelve inches wide. In the simulated picture, I am showing the backer board painted red. This is just to make the wood texture show up better in the picture. You can paint it or leave it natural. 

Brad Point Drill Bit Set:

As woodworkers, we need to drill holes. As scroll sawyers, we often need those holes in an exact position. An example is a wooden wheel. The hole needs to be centered.  The best tools to make that happen are an awl and brad point drill bits. Brad point bits are just what they sound like. They have a small brad on the tip to guide the bit when starting the hole.

You will notice that I try to remember to add a center dot to my patterns when they need an accurate hole drilled. The wheel above is 1" diameter and needs a 1/4" diameter hole drilled for the axle.

Take your awl(Amazon Link), and carefully punch a small dent at the center dot. Don't go tto deep. You just need a dent for the brad point to hit.

You want the dent to be accurate but you can cheat the hole at the drill press a little.