Saturday, May 9, 2020

Bedside Glasses Holder Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This bedside glasses holder is cut from 1/2" thick MDF. I painted mine to look like my dog, Holly. The back is also large enough to sit your smartphone and charge it up overnight.

If you are not a big fan of painting then just use different species of wood for the parts. 

Pegas Scroll Band Saw. There is nothing like it on the market:

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A few months ago I had the privilege of being able to review the Pegas Scroll Band Saw. I butchered the review. I made the critical mistake of trying to review a tool that I had no idea how to use.

Luckily a few weeks later I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with Jeff Vollmer. Jeff is a band saw expert and literally wrote the book on making band saw boxes. Over the course of that weekend, I had several aaahhh moments. Jeff showed me all the things I was doing wrong while trying to use this tool. It would have been much quicker to show me what I was doing correctly. It is not like using a bandsaw.

The Pegas Scroll Band Saw is a new category of tool. It technically is a band saw but it uses blades the size of scroll saw blades. It is not a scroll saw replacement. There are projects waiting to be invented to use the capabilities of this tool. Once Jeff instructed me in the proper use I was amazed at what I was doing with this saw. I'll admit that I am easily amazed by cool new tools but this w