Saturday, December 22, 2018

Floral Perfume Tray Scroll Saw Pattern.

This small perfume tray is just large enough to hold three bottles of perfume at her dressing table. 

I included two versions. The one you see in the picture was made using 1/8" thick wood for the walls and 1/4" wood for the bottom. The second version uses 1/4" thick wood for the entire project.  

I use rubber bands as clamps for many small projects. This project would be difficult to clamp with standard clamps and the rubber bands are plenty strong enough to hold the project together while the glue dries. 

I buy the bags with several different sizes of bands. These are not the highest quality of rubber bands but I typically just cut them off when I've finished anyway so I don't care how long they last. The whole bag is only $4. It always surprises me how often I reach for a rubber band in the shop. They do come in handy.

A quick message from my friend Sue Mey.