Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Ten Inch Diameter Wooden Monogram Scroll Saw Patter.

Make any combination of wooden monogram letters you need with this pattern kit.

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  Download the Pattern Below
All letters included for left, middle, and right.
Two styles of the mounting ring patterns are included.
You only need a 4" wide board.

The pattern book has all 26 letters three times. The same letter has a left, middle, and right version. All the letters can be combined to make a ten-inch diameter circle.

You will print one page for each of the three letters you need to make your ten-inch diameter wooden monogram.

You can cut these letters from any thickness of wood you like. The letters can all be cut from a 4" wide board. The center letter is always ten inches tall. All the letters make a ten-inch diameter monogram.

The price is finally falling on the Delta 40-694: 

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Before the pandemic, I purchased the Delta 40-694 to do a video review. At that time the price on Amazon had fallen to $299. I considered that one of the best values on the market. There are better scroll saws but for $299 the Delta was a fantastic option.

The Delta is what I consider a mid-level saw. It easily outperforms entry-level saws for not much more money.

Then the shipping problems started and the price on the Delta went up to over $520. I still did not think that was a terrible price but it did take it out of the best value category in my opinion.

I have been monitoring the price on all scroll saw this year and the Delta has finally started to come down some. Right now on Amazon, it is priced at  $452.98. That price once again puts the Delta saw in the (Very Good Value) category. I don't know if we will see $299 again any time soon but at least this is a positive step.

One extra note that is interesting is that the DeWalt DW788 went up in price about $30. The DeWalt and the Delta are cousins and very similar saws. The DeWalt is now selling for