Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reader Picture Post. Long But Worth It.

I am fortunate to be able to talk to scrollers from all over the world. You guys and gals send me tips, suggestions, comments, questions and lots of pictures. I have to say that I enjoy the pictures best of all. It's great to see what you have been working on. I can't post them all because there are just too many. This will be a long post but I wanted to include as many as I could so everyone could see the projects other scrollers are working on.

This is a beautiful cross that William Wilson made for his pastor. I am sure he loved it.

This picture is from William Smith. These bowls are fun to make. Nice job.

Tony Cook sent this picture. Makes you want to say Awwwwww. Nice contouring Tony.

Tom Young sent me this picture showing his support to the people dealing with cancer. Thanks Tom.

Look at the beautiful use of this wood by Rosemary Goolsby.

Check out the incredible inlay technique by Rick Carney.