Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Lighthouse and Boat Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

This pattern come in two sizes, 10" X 8" and 13" X 10.5". I am showing the simulated image with a black backer to make the pattern easier to see. 

Long Rambling Comment. NoDoz may be required.

I have been designing scroll saw patterns for this blog for 13 years. I have averaged a new pattern every 1.3 days for those 13 years. After all those years and thousands of patterns, I still don't know when a pattern will be a popular download. 

There are times when I will work a few hours on a pattern and really like what I did and it may only get two or three thousand downloads the first couple of days. Then I will do a pattern like yesterdays Best Teacher Ever(It took about 20 minutes to make) and it will blow up with a few thousand downloads the first day.  

There are so many different factors that decide the popularity of a pattern. The theme is obviously important. Most holiday themed patterns do well. Timing of a pattern makes a big difference. School is just starting so yesterdays pattern did well but may not have been popular in June. 

The perceived difficulty of the pattern seems to make a difference. In general, easier patterns have more downloads. This is not 100% true but in general, it holds most of the time. 

One of the most popular patterns this year was the Shaker-inspired candle holder that I posted a couple days ago. Nearly 70% of you downloaded that pattern. I did not see that coming. Another popular pattern was the silly toilet, toilet paper holder. I think a lot of you downloaded that pattern just in case you needed a prank gift for someone. :). Another very popular pattern was the Gravity warp illusion. It was kind of unique and just about everyone downloaded it.

Some patterns will generate more email than others. It is common for a single pattern to get extremely different comments. I have received comments on a pattern that ranges from "Why would anyone want that pattern?" to "I have been looking all over for a pattern like that.". 

Of course out of all the pattern in my catalog I have a favorite and least favorite. I won't tell which pattern is what I consider my worst but it is terrible in my opinion. I leave it in my catalog mostly to remind me to not do something like it again. It still gets hundreds of downloads. Everyone's likes and dislikes are different.

One factor that influences my patterns is the difficulty level. I have no advanced level patterns in my catalog. Advanced level patterns normally take many hours to design. The average scroller loves to see and own those advanced patterns but actually rarely cut them. Spending 60 to 100 hours on a project is a real challenge. There are folks who love that challenge but they are a relatively small number. I have considered working on an advanced level fretwork clock just so I have one in my catalog. It's on my bucket list but I have not started yet. 

I do not have any particular reaso