Monday, May 21, 2018

Wooden Spoon Scroll Saw Pattern.

Twelve inch Wooden Spoon.

This is a combination scroll saw and carving project. You will do all the rough cutting with the scroll saw then complete the spoon with a spoon carving knife and sanding. 

While I was at the Ohio Scroll Saw Expo this weekend I met Dick Belcher. He was there selling his incredible collection of carving tools. Dick has been carving since childhood and is a wealth of information. He also teaches carving classes in the southern Ohio area. I had the pleasure of spending time talking with dick. 

Here is a link to the Belcher Carving Supply website. If you want to give one of these spoon carving knives a try I suggest you give Dick a call. Contact information available on his website. Tell him you saw this on my blog and are interested in the spoon carving knife. The part number is 1222A. I paid $24 for the knife. I actually purchased two of them. One is a push knife and the other is a pull knife.

Dick Belcher teaching one of his classes.

This is the back of the wooden spoon I carved.  

This is the spoon carving knife I used for this project. Notice the hooked blade.