Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wine, cheese and good friends. Scroll Saw Pattern.
This wine and cheese art work is 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall.

There have been a few requests for me to make a video showing the details on the personalized Christmas ornaments. Specifically the request is how the make the segmented Angel ornament. I will do my best to get the video done today. If I don't get if completed then it will have to wait until after the Midwest Scroll Saw and Woodworking Trade Show. I will be traveling early for the show and won't have time to do the video. 

Not medical advice:

I had a question today about the height of my scroll saw table. Because of how long we sit in front of a scroll saw it is important to be comfortable and safe. 

I am not qualified to give medical advice on the impact of long term poor posture on your health. I do have an opinion from many years of sitting in front of my scroll saws. Consult your doctor for specific advice for your situation. 

Every saw I have used for several years has a stand available. I always use those stands. I have found that they work very well in reducing vibration. One issue is that they vary in height. To compensate for this variation it's best to use a stool that can be adjusted up or down in height.

When setting up the stand I like to have the back elevated slightly. This gives me better visibility of the cut without having to bend over too far. 

When I sit down in front of the saw I want my arms at a 45 degree angle when I am holding the wood on the table of the saw. 

Ideally you want to have your feet flat on the floor for good posture. I find this to be nearly impossible when cutting on the scroll saw. I always use a foot switch. I build a stand to raise the foot switch to the height that is comfortable at the height of my stool. One foot stays on the foot switch and the other is on the lower stretcher.

I tend to slightly bend forward the longer I cut. I have to remind myself to sit up straight. The m