Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thirty Minute Project. Did I finish in time?
This may not be the most complicated project ever designed but it is useful and not bad looking. I had an email the other day that made me think about our hobby. 

The person said that she would love to get into a creative hobby like scrolling but just did not have the time. I understand her problem. Many people are way too busy just trying to keep up with the family, work and keeping house to invest time in their self.

Wait, If you can't invest at least some time in yourself you are heading for trouble. Everyone needs time to unwind and relax. Hobbies can give you that self time and still be giving to others. 

I decided to set myself a 30 minute limit in the shop to complete a project. My goal was to make something useful and nice that could be given as a small trinket gift. A key-fob sounded like a good idea. Using the persons initial would make it more personal.  
It took me a little under five minutes to print the pattern and apply it to some scrap pieces of wood. 
I went to the saw and started the timer.  
I cut, glued and finished with spray lacquer(Dry to the touch but just barely). I installed the hardware and hit the timer stop button. Ten minutes and thirty one seconds plus the five minutes to prepare the pattern. I was finished in just over half my time limit.

I know that you are going to spend considerably more time on most projects but if you break them up over a few days you can schedule that time when it is available. And yes you have to make the time available. It's the least you can do for yourself and your family.

 I have preached the benefits of hobbies for years. I like creative hobbies but anything that you can become passionate about is fair game. 

Please take a few minutes and go in the shop every week. If time is short set a time limit like 30 minutes. That thirty minutes over a few weeks can turn out nice projects. Take advantage of the time you have to enjoy yourself.
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The Artistry in Wood show is this weekend. It is in Wilmington Ohio. I will be a visitor of Seyco and in their booth both days. If you can make the trip please stop and say hello. 
I should be able to get caught up on the the orders that are in the queue as of Thursday night. I will be a bit slower while I am traveling. Thanks for your patience.

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