Monday, November 20, 2017

Converting Scroll Saw Patterns to Red Line.
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Update: I'm working to get caught up on Personalized Christmas Ornament Pattern orders. I am close to one week behind but I will double my time on them today and see if I can get the orders out. 

I am in just about the same time frame for Personalized Signature Coins. These orders go slower so it will be a few days before they all get shipped. I have a batch ready to go to the post office today. I'll email those people who have orders shipping.

Thanks for you patience.

Converting Scroll Saw Patterns to Red Line:

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Over the years I have always received email asking if I could supply my patterns as red line patterns. Many scrollers prefer red lines because for them it is easier to see, which makes it easier for them to cut on the line. 

To to that I would have to make two sets of patterns because most people like the black line patterns. Luckily there was an option. allowed my readers to use their service for free and one of it's features was the ability to convert the pattern to red line. It was not perfect but it worked.

Unfortunately we no longer have access to that service for free. In this video I show an easy and free way to convert the pattern to red line. This program is a free full featured vector graphics program. You may or may not want to learn the program but just for this one feature it's very easy. This video shows that procedure.    

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