Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 Our first Christmas as Mommy and Daddy Ornament Scroll Saw Pattern.
2016 Our first Christmas as Mommy and Daddy Ornament Scroll Saw Pattern.

Thanks for all the support email from you guys. Just wanted to follow up with the details from the thief I caught stealing packages from my porch. I reported it to the local TV stations and two of them showed up to get the video and do a interview. The video below are both of those interviews.

They were willing to help because it's a good reminder to keep deliveries off the porch. I'm guilty of not asking for the packages to be signed for. Hindsight shows that can be a bad idea.

After reading some of the comments on YouTube about the first video I saw that the thief actually did get away with one package. We are still looking into what that package was. We had several Christmas gifts ordered and not everything has come yet.

I didn't take the time to capture the video so this is hand held from my iPhone. Sorry about the shake.
If you are watching this in the email newsletter you may not see the video. Click this link and watch it in your browser
I had many requests for information about my security camera after I posted the initial video. It is the 
This is an Amazon link to the camera. It is my affiliate link so if that concerns you just login to Amazon and search for the Trivision NC-335PW. If you use my Amazon link I get a small fee and your price does not change. 

I have had a few cameras and this is the best low cost camera I have found. The daytime video is very good. The night vision is excellent if you do not have the porch light on. If you let it use it's own IR lights everything is clear as can be for several feet. 

The software is just okay. It could be improved but it works. I can pick up my iPhone and see the front porch within just 3 or 4 seconds. It takes that long to connect. My older cameras took a full minute to connect making them useless when the door bell rang. I installed a 64G flash drive and it stores several days worth of motion detected video locally to the flash card. Of course storing it locally can be a problem if the thief steals the camera. It also has the ability to upload the video to the cloud.

This is a wireless but that does not mean no wires. It has to have power ran to the camera. It come with a power supply. I just ran the power to the front porch outlet. I hid the wires under mats but you can see it if you look that direction. It is not hidden. The last camera was totally wireless. It used batteries but they died quick and were expensive. We mostly use it to monitor deliveries and visitors. Unfortunately it was needed today for more serious matters.