Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The story is true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

You have to love the creativity of the scrolling community. I received this picture form Jim. His girlfriend was giving him a hard time about his old ripped and torn jeans. She wanted them gone! The horror! You know losing a pair of jeans that you have finally broke in, is like losing your best friend. It doesn't rise to the level of blowing out your best Converse Chuck Taylors that you bought in 1977 but it's bad. It's a guy thing that most women just can't comprehend. So faced with this unthinkable loss Jim jumped to action with a pair of rusty scissors he found in his tackle box.

A great idea was born from Jim's desperation. Levi Hang Up's. Secure the pockets to the wall of your shop with a few small screws and you have a place to store all those tools you keep losing. But wait, there's more! For a limited time you also get the memories of all those fishing trips, barbecues and softball games where your Levis kept you comfy, warm and oh so manly

You know that prized Craftsman screw driver your dad gave you when you turned twenty one? The one that has the lifetime warranty so you hate to throw it out even though you mostly just use it to open paint cans. Guess what? It fits perfectly in the Levi Coin Pocket Hang Up. You heard me right. From one pair of Levis you get four full size Levi Hang Up's and Two Levi mini Hang Ups for the low price of nada. For those of you living outside the city of New York that means free.

Thanks Jim for the great tip. I suggest you buy the domain name www.levihangups.com before it's too late.

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