Monday, October 14, 2019

Pray for a Cure Scroll Saw Pattern

Eight-inch Plaque

Two-inch Ribbon
Download Below

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are approximately 1.4 million new cases of breast cancer each year. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. Early detection is critical. Early detection increases the chance of survival tremendously. We need more research to have a better understanding of the causes and treatment of breast cancer. More research costs money. If you have the means, your donations help. The American Cancer Society is one place to donate and help fight and eradicate this disease. 

This pattern book has two patterns. The plaque is eight inches in diameter. The small Hope Ribbons are only two inches tall and can be made into pins or a necklace.

Back home and exhausted:

Sunday was the final day of the Artistry in Wood show in Ohio. Patty and I decided to head out for home. We planned to spend the night and come home Monday morning but we just wanted to sleep in our own bed. It is only a 2.5-hour drive but after the show, I was already pretty tired. We made it home fine but I am going to have to cut this post short and start again tomorrow.

I will start in on all Signature coin orders and USB catalog orders first thing Monday morning. Once I get those mailed out I will jump on all the Personalized Christmas ornament orders. I hope to have all those tasks completed by mid-afternoon. Then I will make a least an attempt to answer email. 

I want to thank all the folks you attended the show and stopped to say hello. I had a fantastic time. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did and had a safe trip home. I know some of you had long drives ahead of you so be safe on the road.

Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns:

I am still making good progress on ornament patterns. I should be able to get caught up today. If you have orders in the queue, keep your eye on your email inbox.

The price is $1 per name with a 5 name minimum. I keep the price as low as possible
because I want everyone to have a chance to make these ornaments for family and friends.