Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wooden Vase Scroll Saw Pattern.

This free layered wooden vase pattern is nearly ten inches tall. Perfect as a decorative art piece or for dried flowers. If you have not seen me make these before they are easy and look nice. Take a look at the pictures below for all the steps. The download link for this free vase is below all the pictures. This would probably make a nice Easter gift.

A few years ago I self-published two eBooks. Both books contain eight of these wooden vase patterns. They have been great sellers. I get new people on the blog all the time so I wanted to share a free vase pattern to show the new folks what it takes to make these vases. If you like what you see then I think you will love these eBooks. The sales page show pictures of each of the 16 patterns.

The vase is made up of layers.

Each layer is cut separately.

Cut the two center layers first and glue them together.

Clamp until the glue dries.

Cut the back next.